MyDhwani Professional

An extension of MyDhwani Lite with additional features for HR's/Recruiters of Corporate, Marketing Agencies, Event Managers. MyDhwani Professional can be considered as their extended team working 24/7.

Text SMS or Flash SMS integrated into call services
Enables you to send voice messages integrated with Text SMS/Flash SMS as per your requirement.
MyDhwani Professional
Provided with Control Panel integrated Utilities
User friendly control panel incorporated with an online sound recorder, contacts importer which enables you to manage the process in-house efficiently.
Accessible with Multiple Logins
Unlimited logins provided to the control panel to enable multiple users.
Secured Voice Services
This service can also be password protected at the receiver’s end to ensure confidentiality of the data transmitted, if necessary.
Smart Delivery
In case of non-delivery of calls (not reachable, switched off, busy) the call is redirected post a predefined duration or can also be diverted to an alternate number.
Report of the service
A detailed MIS report pertaining to the response of the call can be obtained.
Widely used across industries that requires mass communication.