MyDhwani Enterprise

MyDhwani Enterprise is a complete communication system which acts as a "Mini call center at the command of the user”. Any business dreams of having a 24/7 workforce to appease the customer and track responses?

Virtual Toll Free Number / Dedicated Call Back Number
In case of non-delivery of a call, the targeted audience receives a call back by means of a text SMS along with the caller ID, on dialing which the missed voice message can be retrieved.
Push & Pull Service with Real-time Feedback
Call can be pushed from the Caller side or Pulled from the Receiver side whenever required. The Receiver can retrieve the voice message without any time constraints.
Text SMS or Flash SMS or Mail attachments integrated into Call Services
Enables you to send Voice messages integrated with Text SMS or Flash SMS or mail attachment as per your requirement.
Provided with Control Panel integrated Utilities
User friendly control panel incorporated with an online sound recorder, contacts importer which enables you to manage the process in-house efficiently.
Accessible with Multiple Logins
We provide a Master account along with required number of Sub accounts. Sub account holder has rights to manage the total process of his/her Campaign independently.
Secured Voice Services
The receiver has to enter a preset password set up by the Master account holder to access the message.
Smart Delivery
When the message is not delivered it retries after predefined duration, or will be redirected to his alternate number automatically.
Report of the service
A summary with details regarding call delivery and duration will be available.
Widely used in Companies , Educational Institutions , Organizations , Banking Sector.