With innovation being the motto, MyDhwani was born. Customer focus/delight, efficient management of time/resources being the need of the hour, the introduction of MyDhwani into your existing business module will bring about a sea change in your client/customer's interaction leading to better customer experience.
Saptha Techno Soft has established itself as an expert in the field of IT industries & its expertise lies across various sectors. It takes a strategic & centralized approach towards quality management that helps you improve the business agility while reducing costs, business and technical risks. It has absolutely believed in quality with perfection. It accepts any challenging projects and provides a flawless outcome. The Saptha team gives you the result that you expect.

Our Leading Clients & Partners

  • Theorem
  • Neo Opp
  • Rotary
  • NovaMentis

Simple & Stylish

     Are you an individual communicating to your customers, friends, students or an entrepreneur looking for efficient staffing solutions? MyDhwani Lite is your answer. Send a group text/ Voice SMS as per your convenience and also obtain instant feedback/report on received/rejected calls.


MyDhwani Professional
Smart & Secured Voice

      An Extension of MyDhwani Lite with additional features for HR's/Recruiters of Corporates, Marketing Agencies, Event Managers. MyDhwani professional can be incorporated as an extended team, working 24/7 towards better customer service and efficient response management.

MyDhwani Enterprise
Intelligent - Never lost

"A mini call center at the command of the user." Any business dreams of having a 24/7 workforce to appease the customer and track responses? MyDhwani Enterprise, is a complete communication system which enables you to manage the process inhouse and effeciently.